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South End Surf Report: Good morning. Happy Halloween!!! Finally a little wave showing out front. Waves are in the thigh high range with occ waist high set. Choppy and drifty conditions with winds out of the N at 10-15. A few spots may be fun. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!!

South End Surf Report: Good morning. Beautiful morning on WB with cooler Fall temps. Not much happening out front with waves in the ankle to shin high range with N winds at 10-15. Looks like we have some surf on the way for the next few days with the forecast reading 2-3 feet. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

South End Surf Report: Good morning. Another summer day in October with temps reaching 82 degrees today!!! Great day to hit the beach, but not to surf. Waves are in the ankle to shin high range with winds out if the WSW at 10-15. Stop by and rent a SUP and hit the water!!!

80 degrees in October and we have bikinis at 50% off!!! Ladies, treat yourself to a new suit and hit the beach!!!

South End Surf Report:Good morning. Today is the day to call in sick to work or school with 80 degree temps on WB!!! A tiny little knee high wave rolling in. Maybe a longboard wave around low tide. Glassy conditions and super clear water. Great day for a SUP paddle, spearfishing, or relaxing on the beach!!! Have a great day...