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South End Surf Report: Good morning WB!!! Maria continues to push super fun surf our way!!! Waves are in the chest high range with head high sets. N winds at 10-15 keeping it pretty manageable in front of the shop. Keep an eye on it as we have 3 days of super fun surf, so find your spot. Stop by if you need a new freshie, we got plenty and more should arrive today or tomorrow!!! Have a great day!!!

Good morning WB!! Hope everyone has been having a great weekend! Make sure to stop by the shop for 20% off swimwear and apparel. There is a till some solid surf out there but the NNE wind is blowing harder now, making it a little disorganized. Get out to the beach and enjoy this Sunday!

South End Surf Report: Good morning. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!! Another lay day before Hurricane Maria starts pushing swell to WB...get ready!!! Waves are in the ankle to shin high range just lapping up on the beach. Great day to relax on the beach or a SUP paddle. We are slinging deals on surfboards and accessories, so get your equipment right for the swell!!!

South End Surf Report: Good morning!!! A day of rest after that super fun run of swell from Jose, but more is on the way from Hurricane Maria!!! Praying for those being effected by Maria currently. Summertime conditions with sunny skies and hot temps, but no surf. Waves are in the shin high range and just lapping on the beach. Great day for a SUP or hitting the beach!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!! Stop by the shop...

South End Surf Report: Good morning!!! Solid Surfboard East Coast Tour comes to South End Surf Shop today from 4pm-8pm!!! Come demo boards, eat some free food, and buy one of their 120 boards!!! What a run of surf and leftovers from Jose are still coming in, although the tide is one it now. Waves are in the stomach to chest high range. Clean conditions with NNW winds at 10-15. Keep an eye on it as the tide falls!!! Have...

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