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South End Surf Report: Good morning. Another beautiful WB on tap and some waves, so get to the beach!!! Waves are in the thigh to waist high range with rare plus sets. Light bump conditions with light SW winds at 5-10. Looks pretty fun, so go surf!!! Looks like we have some solid Surf for the weekend, so we are sling $150 off all shortboards and $200 off longboards!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

South End Surf Report: Good morning. A fun little wave working in front of the shop to start the day!!! Waves are in the thigh high range with waist high sets. Could be a few plus sets. Light bump conditions with light SE winds at 5-10. Coming off of high tide so should get a little more punch. Waves all week, so stop by as we are slinging deals on new surfboards!!!

South End Surf Report: Suh, dudes. It's Hank. Jeff did the report this morning, but didn't have time to type it up. Sooo I'm just spit balling here, but it looks pretty fun, I think. Sets are anywhere between ankle and double-overhead and the wind looks pretty minimal. There are some birds. Word on the streets is that the sun and the moon are going to be hanging out for a bit today, so keep your eyes peeled...

South End Surf Report: what up WB its Sam Newton with the Report, it's looking rather frothy out there this morning. Waves are in the knee to thigh high range with an occasional waist high set. The wind is NW at 5-10. We are having a surfboard sale, we are giving them away Cha!

South End Surf Report: Greetings from Mercury, the hottest planet in our solar system. It's Hank. We have a prettttyyy warm start to the day down here on the south end. There is a little wave working out front of the shop and the wind is offshore. Waves are coming in around knee high and they are peeling lemme tell ya. Saw a bunch of bait getting absolutely hammered by some dolphins. So it goes. The shops A/C is...

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